Superstar DJ Sanouk


DJ Sanouk still signed with CEP Inc. (the #1 College Booking Agency) as added new flame to his reign of resume, signed in 2013 with production label DYLA RECORDINGS (Detroit, MI), and Arist Label with DEFTAL DJS (Las Vegas, NV) and now he as spun through the south and across America on his umpteenth tour of duty. Backed with a new DVDs and several mixtapes, DJ Sanouk has added new spices to the spins you desperately crave.

This performance artist’s versatility showcases suave mixing with precision scratching and a control over any crowd that makes security teams seem pointless. Focused with an unrelenting determination with a true showman’s instinct, DJ Sanouk will always make people move-making what he loves seem too simple to the unskilled. These beats have been brought through numerous festivals, Playboy parties, and private events for some of the greatest to have graced the scenes—including shared-stages with 2 Chainz, Juicy J, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Trina, Lil Wayne, Kid Capri, Fat Joe, JIN the Emcee, New Edition, Digital Underground, Clipse, JC, Gorilla Zoe, The Dream, Jody Breeze, Mixxin Marc, Dj Irene, Bad Boy Bill, TKC, as well as many of today’s superstars & up-and-comers.

DJ Sanouk is not just a performer but an artist. His talent for moving audiences with brilliant mixes permeates the atmosphere of every show. Incorporating elements from dance beat to hip-hop, DJ Sanouk is one of the most highly sought after Djs, stretching through the Rust Belt to the Gulf of Mexico and beyond to bring you the beats that defy categorization.

DYLA Recordings
It's Glow Time 5k

Unleashed The Hitz Mixtape Series in Video Mode, for more video mixes check out in my Facebook gallery or youtube channel.

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